How to Remove Verrucas

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Are you annoyed and tired by the verrucas in your foot? Not to worry, this guide is sure to help!


  1. Check if what you think is a verruca is a verruca. Verrucas are hard, white with black dots and our found around the feet especially the sole. If you are not sure check with your GP.
  2. Put salycic acid on your verruca's. You can find salycic acid in verruca treatments such as Bazuka Gel or Scholl's Verruca Gel. Then put duct tape on top.
  3. Add nail varnish to the verruca. There are some chemicals which help remove the verruca. It is the same with, surprisingly, banana mush. Then put duct tape so that the banana mush does not rub off.
  4. Get an emery board or a pumice stone. This rubs off the dead skin of the verruca when you rub it. It also makes the verruca softer and less noticeable which is very useful at times however remember to wash your feet after using an emery board as the shreds of the verruca may remain on the healthy skin around the verruca and infect that too.
  5. If you can bear it, get a nail clip and dig deep into the verruca and pull. It may come out but it is painful and would bleed a lot.
  6. If your verruca is there for over 3 years, get medical advice. If for over 5-10 years you may need a minor surgery to take it out, but that is very rare.


  • When you go swimming, wear flip flops and in the pool wear verruca socks.
  • Tea tree oil will help remove it. Rub the effected area down with an emery board then apply tea tree oil with a cotton bud. Repeat every night before bed and within a few weeks it should be gone.*Check the shops for any new verruca gels or products
  • You can freeze your verruca and there is a chance it may go away forever.

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