How to Remove a Wart With Duct Tape

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Have a common wart on your body? Find it embarrassing, or just want it gone? Try this home remedy to get rid of it, using duct tape!


  1. Clean the skin where the wart is located.
  2. Let the skin dry completely.
  3. Put duct tape over the wart. Use regular grey duct tape, transparent does not work well, according to studies.
  4. Leave on for 7 days. The duct tape is supposed to irritate your skin, causing your immune system to attack your wart.
  5. Remove the duct tape.
  6. Soak your wart in warm water for a minute.
  7. Lightly scrape the wart with a Emory board.
  8. Repeat these steps until the wart is gone.


  • Studies have shown that this treatment is more effective with children.


  • If the wart does not show signs of improvement, try another treatment.
  • This may not work, as some studies have shown it is ineffective.

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